As an Independent Film and Television Studio with divisions in Restaurant's , Motel's, Real Estate 2024 and more. Founded in 2014 in Arizona, TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS has created over 12 copyrights for film and television projects, has secured a reputation as being a "Growing Reputable" Company in an Industry that offers many false promises, engagements and more. While Producers, Actors, Actresses, Studios and more state "TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS" is not credible, will never get a project off the ground, will never make it and more....While this is stated this only makes TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS a "TRIUMPH" the Industry. As the Company grows, TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS shall only attach "reputable" Directors, Producers, Cast, Crews and more that truly know the Company they work for shall not only advance their careers, but give all of them the ability to work on great projects and more with a Great Company set to come for Growth. With "GOD" on your side nothing is impossible...



Up Coming Projects:

VENDETTA VETTE (c) Trailer late 2023, Feature Mission One 2024.

MAYDAY NEW YORK (c) Historic 1960 plane crash epic late 2024

ROCKHAND'S Army (c) Television action drama for America 2025

TUCSON VICE (c) Television drama shoot in Tucson 2025

ALBERT BOND (c) Legal comedy Streaming 2025


all announced projects are owned under copyrights TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS CORPORATION all rights reserved (c) 2023, 2024

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